Be Social

Take Social Communications To The Next Level

  • Built in social media functionality for connecting clients to Realtors like never before.
  • Post your listings directly to Facebook or Twitter
  • Monetize your knowledge of the market

If you are not being social, you are not selling. Holobod:Homes allows you to integrate your listing into social media systems such as Facebook and Twitter.
Simply link your listing to posts on Facebook and when you change information in Holobod:Homes or MLS, that information can instantly be posted as updates to Facebook.
Currently also finalizing integration for other social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Social Media


Augmented Reality

See more than reality through your phone

  • Augmented Reality is the future of technology.
  • Perfect for mobile devices, simply wave your smartphone in front of a physical object you want information on and the data appears.
  • Search no longer, a world of information is in the palm of your hand.

Holobod:Homes uses augmented reality to find house listings near you and then displays the high level information about them such as list price, number of bedrooms, and photos all in one interactive space.
Then simply click on the house to view the detailed MLS information for the house and to interact with the listing. Guided virtual tours and social content are also available and fully interactive.
Augmented reality is available on your smart phone or by using Google Cardboard.

Guided Virtual Tours

Open Houses Are Now Interactive And Social

  • Offer immediate chat support and call back options
  • Offer additional information on rooms as if you were there with the potential buyer
  • A Virtual Agent can give guided tours to buyers at any time, any listing without you being there

Buyers often find that they want the information of a Realtor while walking around an open house, but do not want to be followed.
With Holobod:Homes buyers can get information as they enter a room, your Virtual Agent will popup and display text based on the room they are in. Virtual Agents are always running and will attempt to answer questions your clients have, and forward questions it can't answer to you, keeping your image present without you having to be present.
Information can be viewed in our system, or in augmented reality systems, such as Layar.

Guided Virtal Tours


Mobile Accessibility

Instant Information Wherever You Are

  • House listing notifications appear based on location and preferences
  • Stay updated on changes in price and other updates
  • Supports location based devices such as GPS, NFC and iBeacons

Holobod:Homes interacts with GPS, iBeacons, QRCodes and NFC (Near Field Chips) to connect the user to the house listing and the associated data, such as guided virtual tours. Full URL shortening support is built in to streamline marketing.
Quick, reliable information is key when buying a new home. Conditions can change faster than you can inform your clients. Holobod:Homes offers automated notifications services to inform a potential buyer is there is any change in the market as soon as it happens.


Clear Your Mind And Focus On Your Work

  • Let automation handle day-to-day tasks such as scheduling open houses
  • Virtual Agents guide clients and aide you in responding to simple requests
  • Use automation to connect to external sites and manage them from one app

Many hands make light work... and with Holobod:Homes we make your work as light as possible.
With our automated links to external sites, you can place Google Ads, or post to Facebook, or many other tasks all from within one application. The days of needing to go from site to site to do your job are over.
Automation can also handle the day-to-day tasks that eat up your time. Tasks such as scheduling a viewing of an open house, or posting your new house listing to all your favorite sites. It is like instantly having a new employee.




Be known, Be Heard

  • Create your own persona to impress yourself into the market
  • Brand & Elevate your listings in the search results
  • Advertise and Remarket on Facebook or Google Ad Words

Don't passively wait for a buyer to remember a listing they liked.
Use the Boost feature in Holobod:Homes to raise your listing up to the top of a buyer's search results. You can also boost your profile into the results so buyers can see your skills.
With remarketing technology Holobod:Homes will track what houses potential buyers have viewed and then remarket to them in external sites they browse, so this listing of yours will always be in their mind.

Augment the world
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